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The Celtic Coin Index Online is first organized within the broad divisions of British and Continental Celtic, then Geographically by Region, then, within each Region, by Tribe. We have organized our Regions by taking here a little and there a little, following Van Arsdell's divisions of North and South of the Thames, Haselgrove's South-West and West divisions, and Seaby's category of Eastern England. The British issues are further organized by Van Arsdell number. The Contintental (Gaulish) tribes will be organized according to the predominant studies for each region. Detailed instructions in using this site follow.

There are essentially two methods of accessing the information:

  1. by Region/Tribe, then Van Arsdell number, down to individual coin records -- done by using the button found on all pages, or by:
  2. using search terms that will collect all relevant records for your search criteria.

Web Site Organization

This is the main page for the site which will contain major announcements.
This section allows you to search for specific coin records, using various criteria from the Index.
Coin Records

For the British coins, a list of regions (arranged horizontally) appears. Clicking on one of the regions will cause a list of tribes (also arranged horizontally) to appear below the list of regions. Further selecting a tribe will cause a list of Van Arsdell numbers for that tribe to appear. Selecting one of the Van Arsdell numbers will bring up a list of the specific coins for the selected tribe and Van Arsdell number. Finally, clicking on the specific coin number will bring up the complete listing.

Each coin record itself has the following sections

This section contains basic information about the coin, including metal, tribe, and Classification system references, such as Van Arsdell, Mack, Allen, and others. There is also space for die numbers and typological analyses, mainly for future use.
Provenance and Location of coin specimen: where it was found, if known, its present location, and details of its history, including previous ownership and publications. There is also space for unique catalogue numbers from other collections, finds, or museums.
Specimen details including such things as condition, weight, specific gravity, and metal analysis, where available.
Obverse and reverse actual inscriptions, where they exist, and their interpretation.

List of relevant publications regarding Celtic Coins, many of which are referred to in the database.
There are several pages in this section which provide information about the Index and this web site.
This is general information about the Index.
Frequently Asked Questions about the Celtic Coin Index Online and about the Oxford Index.
List of people who have contributed to the Celtic Coin Index over the years. This list is still incomplete, and many contributors prefer to retain their anonymity.
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Information about using the Index
A list of abbreviations which are used in the Index.
How to contact people and organizations related to the Celtic Coin Index
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