While abbreviations have been displayed in their full text form wherever feasible in the Celtic Coin Index Online, many abbreviations still remain in the various notes fields. The following list of common abbreviations should aid you in understanding any that are not familiar to you.

AbbrTypeUnabbreviated Version
ABEInstitution (or specimen location)Aberdeen University Museum
AMIInstitution (or specimen location)Amiens
ANSInstitution (or specimen location)American Numismatic Society
ASHInstitution (or specimen location)Ashmolean Museum
AYLInstitution (or specimen location)Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury
BEDInstitution (or specimen location)Bedford Museum
BIACBookBritish Iron Age Coinage.
BIRInstitution (or specimen location)Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
BMInstitution (or specimen location)British Museum
BNJPeriodicalBurnett, A., The Waltham St Lawrence treasure trove
BNPInstitution (or specimen location)Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
BONInstitution (or specimen location)Bonn
BRBInstitution (or specimen location)Bibliothèque Royale, Brussels
BRIInstitution (or specimen location)Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
BRMInstitution (or specimen location)British Museum
CANInstitution (or specimen location)Canterbury Museum
CCBBookRobert D. Van Arsdell, Celtic Coinage of Britain.
CCIInstitution (or specimen location)Celtic Coin Index
CEMInstitution (or specimen location)Colchester Museum
CHIInstitution (or specimen location)Chichester District Museum
CHMInstitution (or specimen location)Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum
CMCInstitution (or specimen location)Corinium Museum, Cirencester
CNGOrganizationClassical Numismatics Group
CRPersonChris Rudd
DFAPersonDerek F. Allen
DORInstitution (or specimen location)Dorset NHAS
DOVInstitution (or specimen location)Dover Museum
DVZInstitution (or specimen location)Devizes Museum
EFFind methodexcavated find
EHAPersonE. H. Allen
FLCollectionFinney Loan
FMCInstitution (or specimen location)Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
FWFind methodfield walking
GCMInstitution (or specimen location)Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery
GMCInstitution (or specimen location)Grosvenor Museum, Chester
HAMInstitution (or specimen location)Hampshire County Museums Service
HARInstitution (or specimen location)Harlow Museum
HASInstitution (or specimen location)Hastings Museum and Art Gallery
HERInstitution (or specimen location)Hertford Museum
HMGInstitution (or specimen location)Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
IPSInstitution (or specimen location)Ipswich Museum
KLMInstitution (or specimen location)King's Lynn Museum
LCMInstitution (or specimen location)Leeds City Museum
LETInstitution (or specimen location)Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery
LEWInstitution (or specimen location)Museum of Sussex Archaeology, Lewes
LINInstitution (or specimen location)Lincoln City and County Museum
LIVInstitution (or specimen location)Liverpool Museum
LONInstitution (or specimen location)Museum of London
LUNInstitution (or specimen location)Leeds University Museum
LUTInstitution (or specimen location)Luton Museum and Art Gallery
MAIInstitution (or specimen location)Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery
MANInstitution (or specimen location)Musée des Antiquités Nationales, Paris
MBRInstitution (or specimen location)Musée de Bretagne, Rennes
MDFind methodmetal detector find
MIAInstitution (or specimen location)Museum of the Iron Age, Andover
MNZInstitution (or specimen location)Mainz Museum
MUMInstitution (or specimen location)Manchester University Museum
MUNInstitution (or specimen location)Munich
NCMInstitution (or specimen location)Norwich Castle Museum
NDMInstitution (or specimen location)Newbury District Museum
NHMInstitution (or specimen location)Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
NMCInstitution (or specimen location)National Museum, Copenhagen
NMWInstitution (or specimen location)National Museum of Wales
NOTInstitution (or specimen location)Nottingham Castle Museum
OAUInstitution (or specimen location)Oxford Archaeological Unit
PdeJPersonde Jersey, Philip
PEMInstitution (or specimen location)Passmore Edwards Museum, London
PERInstitution (or specimen location)Musée de Peronne
PORInstitution (or specimen location)Portsmouth Museum and Art Gallery
PRFInstitution (or specimen location)Pitt Rivers Museum, Farnham
priv. coll.Institution (or specimen location)Private Collection
PRMInstitution (or specimen location)Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
RCMInstitution (or specimen location)Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth
RDMInstitution (or specimen location)Reading Museum and Art Gallery
RHMInstitution (or specimen location)Red House Museum, Christchurch
RICInstitution (or specimen location)Richborough Castle
ROMInstitution (or specimen location)Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
ROUInstitution (or specimen location)Rouen
SAAInstitution (or specimen location)Saarbrucken Museum
SAFInstitution (or specimen location)Saffron Walden Museum
SALInstitution (or specimen location)Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum
SCMInstitution (or specimen location)Sheffield City Museum
SCMBPeriodicalSeaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin
SCUInstitution (or specimen location)Scunthorpe Borough Museum and Art Gallery
SNCPeriodicalSpink's Numismatic Circular
SOMInstitution (or specimen location)Somerset
SOUInstitution (or specimen location)Southend Museum
STOInstitution (or specimen location)Stockholm
STUInstitution (or specimen location)Stuttgart Museum
Suppl.BookSupplement (Haselgrove's various Supplemental Gazeteers of Celtic Coin finds)
THUInstitution (or specimen location)Thurrock Local History Museum
UMBInstitution (or specimen location)Ulster Museum, Belfast
VAPersonVan Arsdell, R. D.
VERInstitution (or specimen location)Verulamium Museum, St Albans
WARInstitution (or specimen location)Warwickshire Museum
WCMInstitution (or specimen location)Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery
WINInstitution (or specimen location)Winchester City Museum
WMWInstitution (or specimen location)Warwickshire Museum
WORInstitution (or specimen location)Worthing Museum and Art Gallery
ZURInstitution (or specimen location)Zurich